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Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many authors. It is always a joy to work with a children’s book author because I believe that the more great stories children can hear, the more they will put into their value system. Cindy Crawford Garrett is writing sweet stories with a message. The beautiful illustrations by Allison Garrett add to the reading experience. I always teach parents to recognize the effort their children put into a project, because real self-esteem comes from effort, not from praise given by an adult. In this book, children learn that there are many jobs in the world and because of the effort that people put into those jobs, “the world goes ’round.” Children can see that it takes people helping people…and they can begin to experience that as small children while developing the skills they will need to be a productive member of society. Thanks, Cindy, for another great children’s book that should be in family and school libraries.


Cindy Crawford-Garrett children's books, offers books, with animals from her ranch, to teach important life lessons to young ones ages 4 to 9. The quality of the colored-pencil artwork is excellent and loved by children. Many of the stories originated from actual events that happened at the author’s ranch.