Cindy Crawford Garrett Children's Books

Other works from Cindy Crawford Garrett: Illustrators Allison Garrett/ Scott Easom 

We are in New Mexico for now which is where my writing came about with our animals. Between my husband and I we have five grown children, two grandyoungens and many animals full of character. The one from up above has blessed me again for I had never thought about writing children’s books but I love it. We never know what is planned for us so just hold on for it and it will come. The animals in my books are actually our animals, which I have named almost all of them. Some of these stories are actual events that happen here. My animals are my characters and the children of our future are my inspiration. I believe the more values and morals, that are instilled in our children at an early age the brighter their futures will be.

Thanks go out to my family and friends for their continued support and encouragement on these special books. Above all  thanks to illustrators Allison Garrett and Scott Easom for their awesome art work, I couldn't have done this without them.