Mrs. Garrett,

When I picked up my grandson today from his pre-k school, he couldn't
stop talking about you and bob the rooster and white feet the chicken with the"t"scar on his neck. He was very impressed and I would like to buy an
autographed copy of the book for him for Christmas.

By Valerie Allen on March 3, 2014

Cindy Crawford Garrett has written another enjoyable book for the pre-school to second grade child. It is a story about the type of jobs that both people and animals engage in. The message is animals and humans working together productively for mutual benefit. The author even found a way to bring in the military as safeguarding us and our country. The coloring book style illustrations, by Allison Garrett, are an added feature children will find familiar. Nicely done!

Cindy Crawford Garrett Children's Books

By Joyce M. Gilmour on July 1, 2013
Format: Paperback
Cindy Crawford Garrett is an author that is certainly working toward bringing values to our youngsters in a fun way. She tells a story, involving the "silly animals on the ranch" which young children will definitely relate to through their adventures. In this story, all of the animals share in the joy of two hens that lay eggs, which hatch on Easter morning. This book teaches responsibility and friendship skills. Keep up the great story writing, Cindy Crawford Garrett. (And thanks to Allison Garrett for the wonderful illustrations, too!!)